Thursday, September 1, 2011

"All we did was nothing, but love still came"


Tonight was the last night of my Beth Moore study, and the video was beyond fantabulous.

As someone in the middle of about a dozen different paths in front of me, I've been pretty jumbled inside. So hesitant to make the wrong move, I've pretty much have remained frozen in place. Tonight, however, I have peace.

Beth Moore focused on Psalm 23 tonight ("The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want..."). One of the things that HIT HOME was how God guides us down the right path. In her words:

"If you have a heart to remotely do the will of God, the will of God will find you." Our job is to:

Know Him.
Love Him.
Stop panicking over His will!

The idea of God guiding me down the right path? It's not new to me. At all. But tonight, oh tonight, for some reason it finally sunk down deep into me and for this moment in time I just feel the peace of abiding in Him and knowing He has a plan for me and everything will work out. Tomorrow I'll probably be at square one, fretting and frantically making lists of all of my priorities in life, but I'm choosing to not care about that. Instead, I'm choosing to remain in this peace and just enjoy it.

My life will be used for Good.

Best parts of today:
-Meeting Jill at Lincoln Park Zoo and spending time with her
-The street violinist who only played "Happy Birthday" over and over again
-The zoo in general, it was beautiful
-Being in the city. It is SO INTERESTING.
-Bible Study!
-Life advice from my dad
-Texting with Jenna
-Committing to making the commitment to commit. Bahahahaha
-This song: "Hurricane" by Samestate

I heard it on the radio a few times today. At first I didn't like it, but now it has captured my ears.

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  1. Jenny! Peace! That is so wonderful. Hope it occupies your heart for a long time. :)