Thursday, September 8, 2011

"Waiting for the hint of a spark."

My dog and I have set out to conquer the world. That's a lie. What we have set out to do (well, I've set out and I'm dragging him along) is to start and finish the couch to 5k program. I've looked at it before and haven't wanted to do it because it seems too easy. The first week you alternate between jogging and walking every 60 seconds. Over estimating my abilities I'm always like "woohooo! I'm just gonna have a go at it and just jump into jogging every day for like hours a day!" but I always quit after 1-2 weeks. My other excuse reason for not doing it was I didn't know how to measure the time. Running around with a stop watch of phone in my hand is the last thing I want to do. I thought my problems were solved when I recently acquired an itouch. My plan was to use that but it spent the entire time trying to figure out where the heck I was and didn't do anything else (I'll have to fiddle with that).

Today I finally just tried it and it is exactly what I needed because at the end of the first workout it left me feeling like I want to do it again. Hurray! Also, I just ended up going the old-fashioned route counting to 60 for each of the intervals. I'm not sure what I will do when the intervals get longer. Maybe I'll just end up becoming a superb counter by the end of this.

Peanut was a little worse for the wear by the end of it and he was really angry at me for not letting him sniff. I think my goal is to alternate every day between doing the c25k and just going on walks with him the other days. Maybe then he'll get his sniffing out if we go the same routes. Also, I think when the intervals get longer I might not take him along with me. Maybe I'm babying him, but I'm hesitant to force him to gallop around our town with me. I feel like I have no concept of taking care of dogs beyond feeding, watering, and letting them out for air.

Today I was at my friend's house and once a week this van full of vegetables, some fruits, and organic things (chapstick, jam, honey, cider) drives past her house. Well, I guess she missed it on the normal day, so she scheduled the woman to come by today. The woman was a little late (she has quite a lot of stops from what I understand) and so I was there when she stopped by. It was SO COOL. She just has this whole van full of STUFF. I ended up just buying two zucchinis (for $2! I stopped by Target today and there zucchinis were way smaller and were $2.09+tax) because I wanted to make sure I would cook what I bought. My friend also gave me some tomatoes from her garden, so I'll have to make sure I'll use that up. Maybe I'll make a margherita pizza with this awesome no-rise pizza dough recipe my friend gave me. I'll share my pursuits once I pursue them. The woman who drove the van also gave me this fantastic sounding chicken+bell pepper recipe, so once I end up making that I'll have to share that.

My big thoughts for today? BE PRESENT MINDED.

Hurray for new goals, wonderful weather, facing fears, making decisions (even the tiny ones) and good conversations.

My plans are to spend the rest of the evening watching Mad Men and finishing up my fall goal collage. Maybe I'll take a picture of it for you when I'm done! Yayyyyy for pictures.

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