Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Minor Detail:

At my work we get a lot of people who only remember snippets of what they want. Sometimes it's just the color of the cover, sometimes it's something *close* to the author's or artist's name but not quite (like instead of John Williams they might say Will Johnson or something), sometimes it's a first name with a vague concept of the book, and sometimes it is wonderfully the full title with the correct author name and product number included (those are the best!).

Honestly, as long as the person is nice about it I don't mind the seemingly impossible task presented before me. A lesson in retail! Being nice makes EVERYONE happy! As a visual brain person I am more likely to remember what a cover looks like than remember the artist or author so I can relate to people asking questions only having random details. My method of figuring out music is paying attention to what is being sung around me, and jotting down the lyric. Basically, google is my friend.

Now usually when you get someone with very vague information trying to find a very specific item it takes forever to find or you don't find it at all (unless it's super popular). It's even harder when the very vague information is incorrect! Tonight though Google was shining down on me and I was able to find a CD for a very kind man with only knowing:

The wrong name of the album
the radio station that was mentioned the singer sometime in the not-so-distant past
a tour date
the artist had a rockabilly sound.

It was like the happiest thing EVER. And we had it IN STOCK. All the music stars were aligned oh so wonderfully.


Other great things have happened since my "gack! what do I do with my life?!" update and other freak outs have happened too, but overall everything is oh so happy. Especially with wonderful, amazing events to look forward to happening this weekend!!  Ahhhh!

 I am unbelievably excited for Friday and Saturday to an extreme extent. Hurray life!

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