Monday, September 19, 2011

"Gotta believe that this all leads, somewhere we've never been"

Lately I've been thinking about people being homeless and living in poverty. Especially with the new census report that 46 million in the US are homeless, it's been pressing on my heart greatly, and I don't know what to do.

In no way am I well off right now. With college debts and a part-time job, I am in no way raking in the money. A large amount of the people around me are in similar situations as I am-- not a lot of money to contribute to the cause. What I do have is time, which I've given a little bit of through various volunteering.

But is that enough? Is a dollar here, a dollar there, a meal here, a meal there enough?

Maybe I'm thinking at this whole thing too closely... but I feel like the root of the problem needs to be dug out and people need to be replanted.

I've been really into gardening metaphors today.

What are my perceived causes of homelessness and how are they often stopped, whether it's "wrong" or "right": 

"Poorly-timed" Pregnancy: Safe sex education, abstinence, abortion
Injured: Preventive safety measures, insurance(??), jobs for disabled, better disability packages
Drugs: Education, other outlets, better family support
Poor education: Better family support, better schooling, education catered to interests and goals
Can't find a job: More jobs, more networking, more teaching valuable skills

There are probably more reasons, and more solutions, but this is what comes off the top of my head right now.

My problem is (while this isn't true) so much of this seems like it needs to be done through the government, which goes into a whole mess of STUFF. Like jobs, disability, school system... how does one not well off individual who still needs to support herself and have income growth help out in a truly helpful, lasting way? What can I do about that 46 million?

I know it is not humanity's job to save humanity, but God works through humanity to help humanity's needs... so what is a girl supposed to do?

Oh, thoughts, thoughts, thoughts!

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