Sunday, September 18, 2011

Personal Pursuits

For the past two weeks or so I've been off and on working on creating some larger personal things I want to pay more attention to and make more of a daily part of my life. Some are more tangible than others, but I made myself a collage to remind myself of it everyday.

1. 5k. I'm hoping to continue on and follow through with the c25k. If anyone wants to buddies with me that would be fantastic. My excuses are becoming pretty awesome for not doing it. But still! Hope prevails.

2. Fear. I've realized this past year that now that I'm back out of the comfort of having a bubble of school and people I know already around me all the time and life planned out for me how completely and utterly tied I am to fear. Fear of failure. Fear of speaking. Fear of wrong choices. Fear of silly stuff (cake pops). My hopes and dreams do not include being a big ole wimp.

3. Write. The way I think and process things is through writing. While I have started to write more again, I really want to continue this trend and make sure it is daily.

4. Righteous. A girl in my book study was talking about how one of the things she admires concerning David (Bible David) is how even though he disobeyed God, he confidently proclaimed himself as righteous. Not because of anything he did, but because of God. Even though my faults abound a plenty, I am perfect, I am new, I am righteous because of Jesus.

5. Emily Dickens. Ha! How random. I have an anthology of poetry by Emily Dickens that my friend gave me and I want to read through it. The amount of books I own that I haven't read is vast beyond my desire, so I'm trying to read more of what I have.

6. Walk. I'm trying to get into the habit of walking Peanut. Good for him, good for my head!

7. Boldly Pray. This is something that my church challenged the congregation with. Pray boldly for bold things. God is soooooooo big and can make super duper big things happen. I want to have faith that He will do that in my life.

8. Today! I want to enjoy the beauty of today. And also focus on these things today- right now.

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