Saturday, February 4, 2012


Lately I have been thirsting for more and having a terrible need to just ABSORB everything and anything. I find myself driving home in silence because I want to focus on my thoughts, or the music on the radio or my ipod at the time isn't cutting it. At the same time, I have found myself incredibly attached to songs and I keep wanting to drink them up until they are completely and entirely a part of me. It's been happening with conversations and pictures and things people say and books and on and on and on!

I think it all comes back to my sudden job of reading picture books. Picture books are pretty amazing. So, as about 99% of my friends know, I am going back to school to get a masters in library science. Thankfully within my first week or so of officially being in the masters program I was blessed with an internship at a nearby library where pretty much all I do is read stories to children.

It. Is. The. Best.

My fellow intern and I have yet to start the actual reading to kids part, but we have been observing and learning and reading picture books and my heart just feels like it has expanded ten-fold watching these kids be soooo enthusiastic and getting into the books and the adults getting really into it too and it's just- gah! I can't go on, it is too much.

So this brings us to this song:

I heard it a few days ago, and then heard it again the other evening at my store and I was a goner. And this video too, it just sums up everything I need right now. The beauty in the paintings. Gus Van Sant's voice. It is absolutely stunning to me.

Which brings me back to picture books. For my internship I have to sit down at least a few times a week and just browse through picture books and read them and toy with the words and emotions and just pretty much immerse myself in the book. Having to slow down and read these books has made me realize how much I have been letting glide past me lately-- shows, books, moments-- recently I have been in it for the quantity vs. the quality. So, I'm pretty excited about this whole picture book gig I have going on. And life. Life is pretty neat!

I would like to say, for the record as I am typing this I have Geek Charming playing on the TV. 

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