Wednesday, February 8, 2012

There was an old lady who swallowed a pot-- I KID YOU NOT! She swallowed a pot!

Today on my commute the sky looked like it was painted! My "lingo" is going to be completely off, but essentially from my mind's eye it looked like in the background there was the gray overcast of toomanycloudsscrunchedtogether! whereas in the foreground there were white little puffy happy dappy clouds just poofing around. I really wanted to take a picture, but decided against it considering I was on a Chicago highway. Eep!

For my commute I have started taking the toll roads due to the timeliness factor. Originally? This 100% terrified me. Actually, this whole process of grad school and being a real life competent adult has been terrifying. But I've been plugging onward and it is really neat to see my progress. A month ago I was white-knuckling (?) my steering wheel cringing at every car that passed me and imagining a terrible and horrible accident at every turn. Now it is comparable to going down a side street 20mph.

Similar things are happening in my classes. As an undergrad it was like pulling teeth to get me to vocally participate in about 95% of my classes. I'm super fantastic at watching people talk, nodding, and taking notes in class. Anything that requires verbal communication? No way Jose! But get this friends. I. Actually. Talk. In. Class.


I have been thinking a lot lately about this activity my small group leader has us do a few months ago. She provided us with these little cardboard boxes and we were supposed to write something on 3/4 of the sides. On one side we wrote BUILDING/PROVING and we were supposed to consider all the ways we build ourselves up and prove ourselves to ourselves and the world. (My name is Jenny, I am a girl, I work here and here and go to school and I enjoy this hobby and that hobby and this is what defines me) The second side we wrote IDENTITY, which I forgot what we were supposed to think about. The third side we wrote AVOIDING. If you're presuming we're supposed to think about "what are we avoiding" then yes, you are correct! Congratulations! The fourth blank side is supposed to mean something too, but I forgot it. Oops!

But I do remember the moral of this whole activity. (whew!)

This entire cardbox is a portrayal of how we define ourselves and box ourselves in. We are more than these walls we create around ourselves. We are more than our jobs and hobbies and friends and idiosyncrasies. It excites me, especially when it comes to having to do things I am afraid of. God makes me capable.

Now I am tuckered out, so I am going to go dashing off in the land of dreams.

Today has included:
1. Interesting sales seminar with fun people and helpful information
2. "There was an old lady who swallowed a pie..." I've had that stuck in my head ALL DAY
3. Story time!!
4. Putting together gift card puzzles
5. No class today-- hurray!
6. Hanging out with K
7. Goofy songs with my mom when she got home (and my dog being clingy!)
8. Iterate is a word!!!! And it is taking all of my will power to not use it in a formal paper.

THE END. (I wish that was an acceptable means to conclude papers)

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