Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day Cookies!

So today I made cookies for work and my parents! I found this recipe for Caramel Beurre Sandwich Cookies over at Cafe Fernando and they looked really good and actually doable. Mine don't look as classy as his, because I felt it needed sprinkles instead, but they actually turned out really good!

Here is how mine turned out lookwise:

A few tips and differences from my baking experience as opposed to his?

1. If you're going to make them for large amounts of people I would suggest making at least a double batch. I ended up with about 18 cookies altogether, which means I have to spread them kind of thin (one cookie for everyone!). The amount would have been perfect though if I were only making them for a small group. They're really rich, so they do last a while.

2. I would suggest not skimping on the caramel. It might vary depending on the type of caramel you use, but after trying one I wished I had used a little more caramel.

3. Instead of using the fancy French caramel he acquired I ended up using caramels bought at the grocery store and added some french vanilla creamer to it (fat-free to make the cookies "healthier" of course :P).

4. I had 0 cookie cutters so I ended up using a glass to make the initial round shape, and then I used a small wine twist cap to make the smaller cap.

Overall I am really surprised though they actually turned out. This recipe was wayyyyy more doable than I initial thought.


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