Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Oh hey there!

These days are full!!

lately I have been:

...being a bridesmaid in one of my longtime awesome friend's wedding. It was a beautiful portrait of THEM and their love and life!
...working like a fiend. I received some small work news this past March which means I am getting more hours and am spending lots more time with all of the children things. Which is awesome and is why I have learned, that yes there is a Les Mis board book for kids and yes there really is a graphic novel called Annoying Oranges!
...schooling like a fiend. My last masters class is halfway over!!! And I just have one more education class this summer that starts soon, two big content librarian tests, and a few hanging out in school hours to finish up. Exciting! Scary! Overwhelming!
...in a constant state of shaky ground. I'm not really sure if I will graduate this semester or if I will technically have to wait for next fall. Little things like that keep happening and makes me SO appreciative of one of my school coordinators because I send her distress emails (MYCLASSGOTCANCELEDANDNOWIWONTGRADUATEANDTHENICANTDOMYCLINICAL-AHHHHH!) and then she makes everything better.
...reading a whollllleeeee bunch for class, for fun, for work, for my book club, and for fun. Last read was Name of the Star by Maureen Johnson. Super good!
...on a quest for... more. I don't know enough about my questing to be more specific. I am just trying new things in hope of new results.
...enjoying the fine company of fine people. Due to said wedding and future weddings I have been getting to see a lot of people that I think are really neat. And I like that.
...walking my dog!! I am trying a new thing where I walk my dog every day. We are explorers of the world!

In other news, my new neighbors have a dog named Jenny. Sometimes they yell "JENNNNYYYY!!!" and sometimes I yell "WHATTT?" and then run away and hide because I realize they mean their dog. Not me!

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