Thursday, June 13, 2013

"Let my heart be filled with song"


Today at work there was this woman who was around her later 60s or early 70s. She was kind of diddly daddlying and poking around. I was stuck covering my department with nothing to do, so naturally I was watching her in a non-creepy way. Then suddenly she looked up and she got SO EXCITED. And BOOM. There was another woman looking to be around the same age.

They hugged and were exclaiming about how happy they were to see each other. I guess one of them went on some sort of trip because some remark about "world traveling" was made.

Later on in the day I found them pouring over a photo album in the corner of our cafe drinking coffee and eating cheesecake.

It got me really excited because I get to have those reunions for the rest of my life too. Having friends scattered around kind of stinks. A lot. HOWEVER. What doesn't stink is getting the chance to be like those two women wildly remarking how happy they are in some random building. While being apart from friends is hard, it makes the reunions all the more better.

Other goings on in the week is...


Tiny Pie   -

I haven't read it yet but it looks delightful! It's about an elephant feeling left out and finding her way in a mouse hole where the mice are holding a cooking show. I ordered it in today because I think the kids at my story time will really like it.


Today was beautiful!! I've been stuck inside working all day, but Peanut and I were able to go on a longer walk/jaunt thing. It was a good end to a weird/crazy day.

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  1. That book looks adorable! I bet the story time kids will absolutely love it.

    Dilly and I walk the same loop every day, except when we are avoiding people (like so we aren't just following another set of dog walkers around the block like stalkers while Dilly is spazzy and jumping around the whole time). I like how you look at your walks/jaunts as an adventure!