Wednesday, February 12, 2014

"Be good with what you're given"

Life is challenging!

However, I am grateful for:

-a really sweet valentine from my friend
-my coworkers: they make me laugh and they are kind
-potential hanging out plans with Jill!
-random side jobs
-receiving a surprise copy of North and South from Hannah
-driving with a friend I don't see often to see another friend we don't see often this weekend
-getting to go to Missouri TWICE this summer! (surprise! I will be in Kansas City in June for a wedding I'm in-- it's a friend from high school so those of you reading this most likely don't know her- I still have to work out some stuff... but !!!!!!!)
-having tickets to go to California in April! I have never been and I am really excited.
-being really lucky with receiving advance reading copies of books that I have been waiting to read and now I don't need to wait for them to actually come out
-the Nerdist podcast. I have been listening to random insightful and funny conversations on my drives and walks.
-(the snow. shhhh, don't tell anyone!)
-Journaling. I've been doing a better job of logging my thoughts and hopes and whatnot and it just makes me happy.
-random emails saying hi from people I learned from while student teaching. They probably did not realize how much joy such a small act brought!

It is easy for my brain and heart to cling to worrisome things, but I am daily trying to slow down and notice all of the different ways I am wrapped secure.

"Oh wait, oh wait. 
See how the morning breaks.
 It's the simplest of love songs, 
but it's all our hearts can take."

I miss you all so very much, and have been thinking of your faces daily! 

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